With a track record of having built 187 coffee bars, Founders launch
“possibly the most advanced start-up in franchise history”

Introducing Links Golf Cafe

The world’s first golf cafe franchise that guarantees results. Watch our video here:

We’re super excited to announce that we’re formally launching a guarantee for our Franchise Program.

Essentially this is it.

If you’re not cash flow positive within 12 months of opening your Links Golf Cafe,
we will pay your System Rental Fees (what some franchises call Royalties) until you are.

That means we’re putting 100% of the revenue we will earn from you on the line.

Ask us for details, we’re super proud.

Simon Hedley & Tom Matzen,
Founders, Links Golf Cafe


Why Consider Owning A Links Golf Cafe Franchise?

This new franchise has the potential to bethe most profitable and fun coffee business you can own. Think Starbucks® meets eSports meets Country Club for Small Business Owners.

Core Coffee Business

The core premium coffee business is high margins due to labor productivity (Sales Per Man Hour)

High Margin Memberships

Memberships for local businesses are like an affordable Golf & Country Club, extremely high margin, and provide monthly recurring revenue.

Halo Effect

You have the prestige of owning a golf course, without the massive financial risk and large investment.

Fun & Engaging

State of the art golf simulators featuring over eighty five golf courses from across the globe allow golfers of any skill level to have fun.

Build Community

Golf leagues and tournaments create a fun and engaging community competing to win Pebble Beach Golf outings, Ryder Cup tickets, and trips to St Andrew every year.

Leverage Esports

Interactive golf simulators allow us to run contests and tournaments across the network of locations, under identical playing conditions.

And high speed wifi allow us to broadcast competitors live.


Think Starbucks Meets Esports Meets Country Club For Small Business Owners

The margins of the coffee business, the engaging fun of the golf simulators, and the recurring monthly revenue of memberships all in one place.

Assuming there’s golf in heaven, this may be the answer to their prayers.

YES! I’d Like To Learn More

What Are Our Primary Revenue Streams?

We earn revenues with five primary revenue streams, memberships, drop-in golf, food & beverages, retail merchandise and Local Business Masterminds.

Introducing Our High End Golf Simulators

Full Swing Golf Simulators with 87 Golf Courses From Across The Globe.


Most Franchises
Are A Rip-Off

The sad reality is just that.

Great for the Franchisor. Not so great for the Individual Franchise Owners.

We won’t play the game that way.

And we’ll put it in writing.

Three things we can guarantee you.

#1 – A system to make it easier,
#2 – True buying power, and
#3 – Increase the odds of making money, with marketing systems.

What Are My Five Investment Options?

1. Invest with us in our new Crowdfunding Offer to help us launch our global franchising offer for Links Golf Cafe;

2. Invest in a Master Franchise – the rights to a group of States or a whole Country to develop Links Golf Cafe Franchises in that market;

3. Invest with us in our Corporate Locations and we’ll run them, manage the risks, and profit share with you.

4. Invest in an Area Development Agreements, that includes the rights to four or more Links Golf Cafes with a large protected territory; or

5. Invest in a single Links Golf Cafe Franchise.

Featured Testimonials About Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Tom Matzen – Tom is a serial entrepreneur and builder of some 187 coffee bars. He also wrote the #1 best selling book on the topic with some 172,000 copies sold in 21 languages.

Authority entrepreneurs hire Tom to build seven and eight figure enterprises by helping them package their wisdom and knowledge and build a global movement in the process.

Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommatzen/

Simon Hedley – Simon qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the UK and spent over ten years working in financial services, from audit and assurance consultancy at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, through to Investment Banking encompassing Product Development, Structuring and Investment Management at Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN Amro.

Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrsimonhedley/

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