With a track record of having built 187 coffee bars, Founders launch “possibly the most advanced start-up in franchise history”​

Our Founders have been featured in:

With a track record of having built 187 coffee bars, Founders launch “possibly the most advanced start-up in franchise history”​

Our Founders have been featured in:

Our Primary Revenue Streams

Learn about our five primary revenue streams and our Founding Charter Memberships.

Revenue #01 - Memberships


  • Three categories of Memberships will be sold. Limited Play, Full Play and Family Memberships.
  • All levels of golf enthusiasts will be welcome from hackers to golf nuts.

Imagine owning a business that on the first of each month you have enough sales to cover your rent and other fixed costs.

That’s what our Membership Plan will do.

We have three categories of Memberships.

First we’ll have a Limited Play Memberships.

For those on a limited budget, it’s all the benefits of the Full Play Membership but on the non-peak hours. This will be focused on the Shopping Center staff, seniors on a fixed budget that love golf, and casual golfers that love the idea of playing on world class courses without budget busting green fees.

Second, our Full Play Memberships.

This gives one person the unlimited ability to book and play golf, and savings on food, beverages, retail, and guest access. This will be focused on the golf obsessed, and provides access to all eighty-seven world class golf courses, any time we’re open, with perfect temperatures (and never lose a golf ball again!).

And third, will be our Family Memberships.

This focuses on the whole family (up to six, same residence). All the benefits of Full Play, for the whole family. And for a fraction of a Country Club Membership.

Revenue #02 - Drop In Golf

Drop In Golf

Including events, golf leagues and business golf workshops


Full Swing Simulators give your guest the ultimate interactive sports experience. It’s the go to facility for corporate events, golf lessons, golf and sport leagues.

Eight-seven world-class golf courses from across the globe. In perfect weather. Never lose a golf ball again. And without budget-busting green fees.

The ultimate sports simulator experience with our state of the art ball tracking, advanced golf course software, superior hardware performance, swing analysis software and multisport gaming.


Yes, you can play over 13 sports including Baseball (Pitching and Home-Run Derby), Football (Quarterback Challenge and Field Goal Kicking), Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Cricket, Bocce, Carnival Games and everyone’s favorite, Zombie Dodgeball.


In addition to members that can pre-book times, and drop-in golf on the spot, we’ll have a series of Events in each Links Golf Cafe to drive engagement and profits.

These include:

Member Mondays – All Members can bring guests for free to play.

Pebble Beach Tuesdays – Play the famous 7th Hole of Pebble Beach and enter to win a trip to the #1 Public Course in America, Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Wealth Creating Wednesdays – join in for nine holes of Business Golf. Build high trust relationships, grow your business and have fun at the same time.

Tesla Thursdays – enter to win a three year lease to a Model Y Tesla.

Freedom Fridays – play to win a one year Company Membership.

St. Andrews Saturdays – play the Old Course and enter to win a trip for you and three friends to Scotland’s Home of Golf.

Give Back Sundays – raise money for a local Nonprofit or Charity with Closest To The Pin and Long Drive Competitions.

Note, these Events will be set by our Franchise Advisory Council, and will change from season to season.

Check out the 7th Hole at Pebble and the Model Y below:

Business Golf – the art and science of building high trust relationships on the golf course (and in Links Golf Cafes). We will run courses and programs on doing exactly this, in our on site boardrooms.

Plus we’ll partner with local networking groups and entrepreneurs to run other events.

Revenue #03 - Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Learn about our food and beverage plan, including gourmet sausages, topping bar, custom roasted organic coffees and organic iced teas.And why we won’t serve alcohol.

Our approach for food & beverages is best summed up as gourmet fast food.

We want exceptional food and drinks, with easy to consume items. The focus is enhancing the experience on the golf simulators, and providing a “wow” experience.

Our gourmet sausage (aka “links” or hot dogs), will be premium quality products. Mouthwatering in taste, locally sourced, and healthy. Quality, tasty vegetarian dogs will be available too. Premium buns, and an extensive topping bar will complete the experience.

The sausages will be sous vide style.

Once limited to the pros, sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, five-star restaurant-quality results. High-end restaurants have been using sous vide cooking for years to cook food to the exact level of doneness desired, every time.

Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This technique produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method.

Custom roasted organic coffees, locally roasted fresh for each Links Golf Cafe. Small batch, premium quality.

Hey, if you’re going to serve coffee, might as well make it amazing coffee.

And since one of our Founders has opened some one hundred and eight-seven coffee bars, you know we’ll do this right.

And don’t forget the cold drinks. This premium line of organic iced teas will be hit to young and old alike. Scroll through the images to see several flavors.

Revenue #04 -Retail


Including impulse retail, print-on-demand and rack cards


#1 – Impulse items, easy to buy, and easy to sell.


#2 – Print On Demand items to satisfy the golf gift lover and small business owner in your lives.


#3 – And three innovative ways to sell third party products and services. Online, through our app, and instore via custom rack cards.

Revenue #05 - Local Business Masterminds

Local Business Masterminds

Local businesses need cost effective ways to grow and scale. They need a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of. And, in the post lockdown world, they’re seeking opportunities to network face-to-face more than ever.

Our Links Golf Cafe includes Local Small Business Mastermind Memberships that meet on-site twice a month, leverage the connections made, and help each member grow their sales and increase their profits.

These Masterminds will attract local small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

They’ll use the meeting rooms for presentations, the golf simulators for business golf, and the Masterminds themselves to grow and scale their business.

Our Founders have been running Masterminds for more than ten years, and bring that experience to this approach.

Revenue #06 - Founding Memberships

Founding Memberships

Each Links Golf Cafe will sell up to 100 Founding Memberships that include golf and mastermind for three years, and some $85,000 in Programs as bonuses, special booking privileges and more. These will sell for $10,000 each.

Just like quality fitness clubs (City Clubs) do, we will pre-sell up to 100 Founding Memberships, per location.

This special offer will be pre-sold in the Major Regional Shopping Center that our location will be in, for 3-4 months before the Links Golf Cafe opens for business. (Yes, we will be located inside Major Regional Shopping Centers. More on that in Stage Three).

Founding Charter Memberships will include:

  • Three years of a Full Play Golf Membership (Value $97 a month, $3,492 total);
  • Three years of Local Small Business Mastermind (Value $297 a month, $10,692);
  • Raving Fans For Life Bootcamp – all about accelerating the quantity and quality of referrals (Value $25,000);
  • Business Golf Bootcamp – all about building high trust relationships with golf (Value $10,000);
  • Residual Income Academy Bootcamp – helping entrepreneurs build residual income while they grow their main business (Value $25,000);
  • Game Changer Program Academy – creating a high ticket offer that guarantees results (Value $10,000); &
  • Strategic Philanthropy Workshop – creating a high converting four hour virtual workshop (Value $10,000);
  • Total Value = $94,184

This also includes twenty percent savings on Food & Beverage and Retail

This bundle will sell for $10,000 per Founding Member.

Done right, we’ll pre-sell all 100, and raise up to one million per location to cover the entire investment to open.

Ask for details on each of these, and how they will be sold.