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Stage Three Franchise Site – Home Page

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Wow, just by making it this far, you’ve passed 90% of those “poking around”.

That means several things to us.

First, you care about the details, so in this site we’ll share a ton more.

And second, you may be the type of people we want to build this amazing franchise with.

So, happy researching, you’ll see an overview on all the key items to start and run a profitable Links Golf Cafe, including a template proforma.

You’ll need to download that, and fill in the yellow shaded cells to demonstrate to us an understanding of the financials, in order to move on to the next step.

And that next step?

A full Discovery Day, online, with our Founders. This is the final step before you can formally apply for a Links Golf Cafe Franchise.

So, once again, happy researching. From this point on, we’re happy to answer any questions you have, just pop a note to [email protected]

Tom Matzen & Simon Hedley,
Co-Founders, Links Golf Cafe

PS Bookmark this hidden page so you’ll be able to come back whenever you want. And just like the Stage Two site, this is best viewed on a pc, not mobile.

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