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Stage Three Franchise Site – Team Headquarters Support

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We are very proud of our support systems, both as you open your Links Golf Cafe and on-going support.

The Initial Support answers the question, ‘just what do I get for my initial franchise fee?’, and the Ongoing Support answers the question, ‘what do I get in return for paying those ongoing system rental fees (or royalties)?’

In addition, our street-tested operations and training manuals used as the core of hundreds of businesses before, make them one of the most comprehensive systems for an emerging franchise today (those in the zero to 100 locations).

Take time to explore each of these sections, and happy reading.

Initial Support

Our systems of initial support can be described as follows:

Site Analysis Assistance

Links Golf Cafe Owners receive assistance in finding the site perfect for their Links Golf Cafe. This includes a detailed analysis of as many as 20 potential sites using our custom Site Selection Criteria checklists.

Lease Negotiation Assistance

We help negotiate leases that save Links Golf Cafe Owners time and money. This includes use of our standard form Offer to Lease.

Links Golf Cafe Design

Links Golf Cafe Owners receive assistance from Team Headquarters in all aspects of a Links Golf Cafe layout and design including:

  • Pre-done drawings to allow for smooth construction process (and at a great price);
  • Effective use of signage;
  • Equipment specifications;
  • Leasehold requirements; and
  • Help on minimizing costs while maximizing quality.

Construction Co-Ordination

All aspects of construction are put out to tender to ensure Links Golf Cafe Owners get the best value for their money. In addition, we oversee construction of their Links Golf Cafe to help reduce the chance of time delays and help ensure that costs are kept in line.

Seven Day Pre-Opening Training in Links Golf Cafe On Site

Once Links Golf Cafe Owners are ready to open their Links Golf Cafe, we will conduct a hands-on training on the Links Golf Cafe Systems that Owners will implement in their Center including:

  • Reviewing and fine-tuning all daily operations systems;
  • Intensive training on the use of computerized marketing database and membership service systems;
  • Intensive review and training of coaches, including learning how to certify your first team members;
  • Effective time management systems; and
  • Awesome communication skills systems.

Pre-Opening Marketing Training

On Zoom, via Voxer, via e-mail, and in person Links Golf Cafe Owners will be coached on:

  • Effective market research for their area;
  • How to identify key golf contacts;  
  • Mailing letters and then meeting strategic partners in their area; and 
  • Pre-opening methods of marketing Founding Charter Memberships and all other Memberships.

Links Golf Cafe University: Ten Day Operations Training at Team Headquarters

Franchisees receive comprehensive training on the Links Golf Cafe  business system that will help Franchisees in every aspect of owning and operating their Center. Franchisees will learn:

  • The secrets of Links Golf Cafe success and how to plan for their own;
  • How to achieve excellence in quality, customer service and cleanliness in your location;
  • How to find, interview, hire, and train their Links Golf Cafe team;
  • How to create a WOW! experience for every customer (including how to handle complaints);
  • How to choose a General Manager to run their Links Golf Cafe for them, and how to coach that General Manager to hire the assistant managers needed; and
  • How to certify awesome marketing and training personnel.

In addition, Franchisees will receive training on the following Links Golf Cafe Systems: 

  • Sales systems that help Franchisees build their membership volume to any level they choose;
  • Service systems that help Franchisees keep those Members happy;
  • Referral systems that create more Members from your existing customer base;
  • Operational systems that help you run a smooth operation on a day to day basis (including dealing with security problems and training the Team to open and close their Center for them);
  • Staff training systems that make training the team a breeze!;
  • Thank you letters (what we call “Success Stories”) and letter-of-the-week system that help you build credibility for your business;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly checklist systems that help them stay organized;
  • Effective time management systems;
  • Awesome communication skills systems; and
  • Employee and financial management systems.

Start Up Administration Packages

Franchisees will be provided with everything they need to get started right away including a complete office form package and set of original operations and training manuals. 

Computerized Scheduling

Franchisees receive access to a state-of-the-art scheduling system allowing for simple and time-efficient tracking of  Member visits, leagues, training and events.

Motivational Tools

Franchisees will be provided, at cost with no or little mark-up from Team Headquarters with everything they need to get their Members excited including motivational videos and golf success journals .

On Going Support

Our systems of ongoing support can be described as follows:

Seven-day-a-week Unlimited Voxer Support

This is an audio app where you leave messages and we reply, asynchronously. Super efficient and effective for most things. We are there to help Links Golf Cafe Owners – seven days a week with any challenges, questions or comments they may have.  (Not only that but the call in Voxer is free too!)

Site Visits

In addition to the Semi-Annual Franchise Owners Conferences (details below), we will visit Links Golf Cafe Owners site at least twice per year live to provide them with detailed one-on-one coaching and support.

Group Coaching

Links Golf Cafe Owners will receive coaching on the following nine areas on an as-needed basis:

  1. Marketing Support
  2. Publicity Support
  3. Quality Assurance Support
  4. Research & Development 
  5. Financial Analysis
  6. Purchasing & Strategic Alliances
  7. Training
  8. Environmental & Social Issues
  9. Management Information Systems (MIS)

The group coaching will run multiple times a month.

Use of the Links Golf Cafe Name

As Links Golf Cafe name recognition grows, so do their sales.  Franchisees benefit from the awareness other Links Golf Cafe franchises create.

Use of the Links Golf Cafe Instructional Programs

Franchisees gain access to our: 

  • Our free introductory workshop on Business Golf;
  • Our full deep dive program on Business Golf;
  • Our Six Figure Referral Program;
  • all additional training and courses we develop over time

Use of the Links Golf Cafe Coaching Techniques

Franchisees gain access to our accelerated learning and positive reinforcement coaching techniques that help their customers see instant results.

This includes access to our 145 point Team Great Performance Review, our powerful tool that virtually guarantees consistent results every single shift and a WOW Experience for the customers.

Participation in twice monthly Scale To Eight Figures Mastermind with other Links Golf Cafe Franchisees

One of the biggest benefits from being part of a franchise is the networking with other franchise owners: 

Franchisees get to talk to other great people who have many of the same goals as they have. 

Franchisees have the opportunity to build strong bonds of camaraderie and support. 

Franchisees get to share ideas – which ones are working, which ones aren’t -and this saves them time, money and helps make their business that much more successful.

Semi-Annual Links Golf Cafe Franchise Owners Conference Hosted by Team Headquarters

Held twice a year in conjunction with a major golf event, this action-packed four days of learning, growing, golf, and making new friends will be the highlight of their business year.

Quality Assurance Support

Ensures that a high level of quality is consistently maintained throughout all Links Golf Cafe locations. Quality is maintained by providing Franchisees with an initial training foundation and by providing follow up training on an on-going basis, including semi-annual inspections and awards.

Research & Development 

Ensures that there is constant improvement in the Links Golf Cafe training programs. This means that you are able to stay ahead of competition, and adapt to your ever-changing and evolving Members. Dozens of programs are being researched and tested every month – ask us about the latest research. 

Financial Analysis

Offers support on a financial side as well by analyzing and evaluating Center’s figures from all Links Golf Cafe locations.  These evaluations result in us being better able to serve and assist you in making your business potentially even more profitable. In this way, you benefit from the experiences of all other Links Golf Cafes. We also help you identify problem areas before they become serious, or determine at what point to expand your existing Links Golf Cafe.

Purchasing & Strategic Alliances

This area of support involves negotiating purchasing and marketing alliances with key suppliers to reduce or eliminate costs on items such as balls, golf clubs, apparel, marketing tools and Team uniforms.


Training covers all aspects of ongoing Franchise Owners training development programs and developing support materials. This includes planning and organizing the semi-annual Franchise Owners Conference for all Links Golf Cafe Franchisees. 

Environmental & Social Issues

The E&S Department is responsible for researching and developing ways that Links Golf Cafe can stay on the leading edge of environmental and social responsibility. This includes developing programs for building more soul in the workplace, and building ‘greener’ centers.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Provides support for computerized communication throughout the franchise network. This includes e-mail, web, and PC-based data transfer systems.    

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