[heading subtitle=”A detailed look at a Proforma Template for you to build for a Links Golf Cafe”]

Stage Three Franchise Site – Your Proforma Template

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We are super proud and excited to share this template Proforma with you, but first a word from our attorneys.

Nothing on our Sites is a promise or guarantee of earnings.

Your level of success in attaining similar results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot and do not guarantee your success, income level, or ability to earn revenue. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. Any forward-looking statements outlined on our Sites are simply our opinion and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. It should be clear to you that by law we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented on our Sites, and we offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.

Seriously, ok?

By choosing to download and use this template (that will save you dozens of hours if you know what you’re doing and hundreds of hours if you don’t), you agree to take this template and adjust all the cells until you are happy with it.

To proceed further in our Franchise Awarding Process you’ll share that with us, so we can evaluate your work.

Fair enough?

Ok, here is the link. Open it, then it will ask you to make a copy as a Google Sheet. You will likely need to sign into Google for this to happen. Keep it as a Google Sheet if you can, as it’s much easier to share than Excel.

And if by chance you don’t have a Google Account, you can set one up for free.

Over to you, we think you’ll love it.

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