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Stage Three Franchise Site – What Will Our Marketing Focus On?

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We are as proud of our targeted marketing strategies as we are of innovative Links Golf Cafe design and our impressive business golf and referral programs.

What follows is a summary of our Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Retention processes for the Links Golf Cafe.

#1 – Lead Generation Process


Our primary focus is to get our target audiences into the facility to experience the facilities. We have several strategies to accomplish that.

Eight of Our Forty-Two Strategies:

  1. Business golf cross-promotions with professional and business associations;
  2. Creating a series of Local Business Directories, offering free exposure and then inviting them in. See this link for an example of one of these websites, Local Restaurants in Nashville. We will create nine of these for each Links Golf Cafe in the pre opening marketing phase;
  3. Referral programs;
  4. Direct mail database marketing;
  5. Strategic Alliances with sporting goods stores (primarily using our rack cards and affiliate programs);
  6. Charter membership programs with unlimited use access of the facilities;
  7. Radio remotes and radio promotions with morning DJ’s in each market, raising money for their causes; and
  8. Golf tournament sponsorship

#2 – Lead Conversion Process

The Guarantee

We guarantee Business Members an additional $250,000 in sales by leveraging the power of referrals.

The Ethical Persuasion Process

Process Developed by Douglas Carter, Ethical Persuasion is a new, unique way for anyone to learn to use their natural personality to guide their potential customers into making the right decision for themselves. This sales process has been used with phenomenal results in converting high end fitness memberships, among many other fields. The beauty of the process is that it provides proven methods for creating trust with the prospect, helping them to understand their needs, and allowing them to sell themselves before you even mention a product or service.

The Ethical Persuasion Process is an integral part of the training for Links Golf Cafe Franchise Owners, General Managers, Assistant Mangers and any Team Members that will be involved in the lead conversion process.

#3 – Retention Process

Exceptional Event Experience

Retaining customers at Links Golf Cafe will be a breeze.


Because our systems are designed from start to finish to ensure that every meal, drink, golf event, workshop, retail experience, or interaction that a customer has at any Links Golf Cafe is an Exceptional Event Experience.

The Exceptional Event Experience encompasses everything we do in our Links Golf Cafe from the way we greet our customers to how clean the bathroom mirror is. The idea is to have each and every one of our customers walking out of our center saying WOW! Every single time. This WOW! experience is what leads to repeat visits and word of mouth marketing.

The key ingredients for an Exceptional Event Experience include:

  • Using a personalized greeting procedure;
  • Deliver only the highest quality products;
  • Tell your customers you appreciate their business;
  • Follow-up with customers to show you care;
  • Remember and use their names;
  • Engage their senses;
  • Have a positive attitude;
  • Be enthusiastic;
  • Focus on positive feedback;
  • Total absence of criticism; and
  • Always a great cup of coffee

Referral Program

While referrals are a great source of new customers, they can also be used to retain existing customers. Our referral programs reward our existing customers for introducing us to their friends and family with free sessions, free products, and special value pricing. In addition to being a great incentive to introduce new people, once the existing customer has friends and family who are also members, they are more likely to stay as a customer.

Show Them We Care Calls

Another technique that has proven effective for retaining customers is the Show Them We Care Call. All Members are called once every three months to ask them how they are enjoying their Links Golf Cafe and their membership and ask for feedback on how you can improve your products and services. The key to these calls is to be sincere and never to combine them with a sales call.

The results are amazing.

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