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Just like quality fitness clubs (City Clubs) do, we will pre-sell up to 100 Founding Memberships, per location.

This special offer will be pre-sold in the Major Regional Shopping Center that our location will be in, for 3-4 months before the Links Golf Cafe opens for business. (Yes, we will be located inside Major Regional Shopping Centers. More on that in Stage Three).

Founding Charter Memberships will include:

  • Three years of a Full Play Golf Membership (Value $97 a month, $3,492 total);
  • Three years of Local Small Business Mastermind (Value $297 a month, $10,692);
  • Raving Fans For Life Bootcamp – all about accelerating the quantity and quality of referrals (Value $25,000);
  • Business Golf Bootcamp – all about building high trust relationships with golf (Value $10,000);
  • Residual Income Academy Bootcamp – helping entrepreneurs build residual income while they grow their main business (Value $25,000);
  • Game Changer Program Academy – creating a high ticket offer that guarantees results (Value $10,000); &
  • Strategic Philanthropy Workshop – creating a high converting four hour virtual workshop (Value $10,000);
  • Total Value = $94,184

This also includes twenty percent savings on Food & Beverage and Retail

This bundle will sell for $10,000 per Founding Member.

Done right, we’ll pre-sell all 100, and raise up to one million per location to cover the entire investment to open.

Ask for details on each of these, and how they will be sold.


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