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Imagine owning a business that on the first of each month you have enough sales to cover your rent and other fixed costs.

That’s what our Membership Plan will do.

We have three categories of Memberships.

First we’ll have a Limited Play Memberships.

For those on a limited budget, it’s all the benefits of the Full Play Membership but on the non-peak hours. This will be focused on the Shopping Center staff, seniors on a fixed budget that love golf, and casual golfers that love the idea of playing on world class courses without budget busting green fees.

Second, our Full Play Memberships.

This gives one person the unlimited ability to book and play golf, and savings on food, beverages, retail, and guest access. This will be focused on the golf obsessed, and provides access to all eighty-seven world class golf courses, any time we’re open, with perfect temperatures (and never lose a golf ball again!).

And third, will be our Family Memberships.

This focuses on the whole family (up to six, same residence). All the benefits of Full Play, for the whole family. And for a fraction of a Country Club Membership.

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