With a track record of having built 187 coffee bars, Founders launch “possibly the most advanced start-up in franchise history” –
Entrepreneur Magazine, Dec. 2023

Our Founders have been featured in:

With a track record of having built 187 coffee bars, Founders launch “possibly the most advanced start-up in franchise history” – Entrepreneur Magazine, Dec. 2023

Our Founders have been featured in:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions, and our answers for you.

What is the initial investment cost, and what ongoing fees will I need to pay?

The total estimated investment is $769,164 - $1,061,981,  (includes the $45,000 Franchise Fee,  Leaseholds, Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures, Inventory & Miscellaneous Items).

We estimate a qualified franchise prospect will need roughly one third of that in liquid assets, and can leverage the balance with traditional financing, if desired.

Note, this doesn’t include Tenant Improvement Allowances from a Landlord or pre-sales of Founding Charter Memberships, which will reduce that amount.

How many locations are awarded?

We have one Master Franchise and one Nine Unit Area Development Awarded.

The first five sites will be built in Phoenix, Arizona, opening in Q1 of 2025.

What is the franchise's track record in terms of success rates and profitability?What is the franchisor's experience in the industry? Have they successfully run a similar business before?

While the Links Golf Cafe model itself is new, one of the Founders has sold over 172,000 books on starting and running coffee bars, and has built some 187 of them for himself and his clients. That means he has built more independent coffee shops than anyone else on the planet. And the average cash on cash return was 52% per year over that period of time.

What kind of ongoing support and communication can franchisees expect to receive from the franchisor as the business grows?

We are very proud of our support systems, both as you open your Links Golf Cafe and on-going support.The Initial Support answers the question, ‘just what do I get for my initial franchise fee?’, and the Ongoing Support answers the question, ‘what do I get in return for paying those ongoing system rental fees (or royalties)?’

Initial Support includes Site Analysis Assistance, Lease Negotiation Assistance, Links Golf Cafe Design, Construction Coordination, Pre-Opening Training in Links Golf Cafe On Site, Pre-Opening Marketing Training, Links Golf Cafe University: Ten Day Operations Training at Team Headquarters, Start Up Administration Packages, Computerized Scheduling and Motivational Tools. 

On Going Support includes Seven-day-a-week Unlimited Voxer Support, Site Visits, Group Coaching, Use of the Links Golf Cafe Name, Use of the Links Golf Cafe Instructional Programs, 

Use of the Links Golf Cafe Coaching Techniques, Participation in twice monthly Scale To Eight Figures Mastermind with other Links Golf Cafe Franchisees, Semi-Annual Links Golf Cafe Franchise Owners Conference Hosted by Team Headquarters, Quality Assurance Support, Research & Development, Financial Analysis, Purchasing & Strategic Alliances, Training, Environmental & Social Issues, and Management Information Systems (MIS).

What is the franchisor's business model and how does it work?

There are three Franchise Investment Options:

Single Links Golf Cafe

Projecting full return of capital within 18 months, 5.4 times capital within three years. Detailed proforma available, subject to executing growth plan of course.


Area Development Agreement

Own the right to develop 4 - 10 Links Golf Cafes with exclusive rights across a city, metro area, state, or province. Our primary focus in the beginning. Early adopters get several special bonuses including equity in Team Headquarters, double sized protected territories, and more.

Master Franchise

A Master Franchise, technically a Regional Subfranchise, is the exclusive rights to a Country or several US States to develop Links Golf Cafe Franchises in that market. Local knowledge, an appreciation of local customs, and of course, local language and laws, make this method the best way to grow if we find the right people.

What are the terms of the franchise agreement? How long is the agreement valid for and what are the renewal terms?

We use ten year terms, with ten year renewals. In addition we’re not allowed to make material changes to the renewal agreement (unlike most Franchisors), so that we can keep a win-win focus.

What kind of marketing and advertising support will I receive from the franchisor?

We are as proud of our targeted marketing strategies as we are of innovative Links Golf Cafe design and our impressive business golf and referral programs. 

As you progress through qualifying as a potential Franchise Owner, we’ll share this in detail, focusing on three areas: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Retention processes for the Links Golf Cafe.

What is the franchisor's policy on exclusivity and territorial rights? Will there be enough potential customers in the territory to support the business?

With our extensive market research we’ve defined a large protected Territory of no less than one hundred thousand people. Therefore our protected Territories have been increased to two hundred fifty thousand people to ensure they’re big enough long term.

The first ten Area Developers get double that size, or five hundred thousand population per protected Territory. This gives early adopters a major asset they can develop or sell off as we grow together.

What is the franchisor's policy on product and service offerings? Are there any restrictions on what I can sell or offer?

All products and services must be approved by Team Headquarters. New ideas however are encouraged, and there are no test program fees to launch them. We do want to set goals and criteria for success, so that we can learn if it works or if it falls short.

What kind of restrictions are there on the day-to-day operation of the franchise? Will I have the freedom to make decisions on my own, or will I be required to follow strict guidelines?

Our goal is to have a business that generates more life and more profits for the Franchise Owner. That said, each Links Golf Cafe is designed to be run by a General Manager and three Assistant Managers. They’ll have strict standards to operate within, and will be encouraged to suggest improvements all the time. 


Improvements will fall into three categories. Easy to test, more challenging, and very expensive or risky. Our plan is develop testing protocol to reflect the risk/reward of each category, and encourage the local leadership teams to embrace a Constant Never Ending Improvement mindset.

What is the exit strategy if I want to sell my franchise?

Our franchise is set up to allow for easy exit, when the Franchise Owner decides it’s time to sell. Transfer fees are designed to cover the cost of training the new Owner, and do not include a percentage of the sale. We do have the right to “reasonably approve” the new owners, of course, but that’s it.

What is the franchisor's plan for growth and expansion? Do they have a realistic and achievable plan for growth?

Our plan is to open at least one hundred locations within the first three to five years. This will be done by finding 20 - 30 Area Developers that open 4 - 10 locations each.

What is the franchisor's financial track record? Are they financially stable and able to support the growth of the franchise?

This is an early stage start-up, it’s not McDonalds or Starbucks. 

The Franchisor is in positive cash flow, selling the high end training Franchise Owners will sell in their Links Golf Cafe, and they are currently raising capital in a crowdfunding equity campaign. Learn more about that here:

In addition, the Founders have outside businesses that cash flow, and can sustain this early stage start-up.

What kind of market research has been done to validate the concept? Is there a strong demand for the product or service being offered?

Extensive research has been done to validate the three business models (coffee, golf and masterminds), including thousands of hours in this field by the Founders and Advisors To The Board.

The National Golf Foundation has detailed data on the sport of golf, and in particular the growth in what they call “Non-Traditional Golf” (golfing anywhere but on green grass golf courses). Of 37.5 million Americans who engaged in golf in 2021, 25.1 million played on a golf course and an additional 12.4 million participated exclusively off-course at driving ranges, indoor golf simulators, and golf entertainment venues like Topgolf® and Drive Shack®. This means that for the first time number of Non-Traditional Golfers are 50% of green grass golfers, up from less than ten percent a decade ago.

What kind of exit strategy is in place if the franchise concept does not succeed? Will there be any buyback options or assistance in selling the business?

We’re so confident that these Links Golf Cafes will have positive cash flow that we are one of the very few Franchises that guarantee it, in our Franchise Agreement. If you’re not cash flow positive within 12 months of opening your Links Golf Cafe, we will pay your System Rental Fees (what some franchises call Royalties) until you are. Details available here:

That said, if you invest in a Links Golf Cafe and it doesn’t meet your financial or quality of life goals, we’ll help you find a buyer. One of our Founders has helped several hundred entrepreneurs sell their businesses over the years.